Irish Landscape Artist

I was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1955. After graduating from University College Dublin with a Social Science degree, I travelled through Europe. I have settled in the Bay Area, and now live in Rockridge, Oakland, with my wife and our two brilliant children.

I am a landscape painter. musician, and carpenter. I play the Irish uilleann pipes, and attend Lark in the Morning music camp every Summer, in Mendocino. It was here that I was inspired by watching the master painter Olaf Palm. Armed with incredible naivete, I started to teach myself how to paint. With guidance and encouragement by local artists, I have become taken with the California landscape.

I like to paint both in Ireland and California. The palette that was informed by the light of Ireland is well adapted for both landscapes.

Living in California is an overwhelming experience for the landscape artist, because of the variety of scenery and light. I look forward to many years of developing the craft, and I encourage any enquiries about my work.

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